We're with you every step of the way with individual coaching sessions, group webinars, practice buddies and step-by-step action plans so you can see your progress and each day feel closer to your dream.

Creative Mindfulness

This is the School's Flagship Program as it taps into your creative insights and intuitions to create change in a timely and natural way. Creative exercises offer a wealth of fun and exploration for modern holistic learning that is deeply settling and creatively mindful.

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Creating Relationships That Grow Meaningfully

Let's take a creative view of relationships that offers insight into how you relate to others.
Download a free handbook to guide you through this journey that beautifully illustrates the way.

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Discover Your Own Hero's Journey & See What's Possible For You.

Have you ever felt that life seemed to have a revolving door where patterns in relationships, jobs and mistakes seemed to happen with regular predictability? 

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Enhance The Speed Of Change With The Mindful Hypnosis Toolbox

Gentle tools to guide a person's lifestyle choices to achieve results more easily and quickly. An essential & effective tool for change.

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What Our Students Say

"LOVE the flexibility of learning online. Life can carry on during busy times, then I can catch-up when I have time for me. Supportive and passionate people - think I've found my spiritual home :)."

-Karen, Canada

"Under Barbara's guidance I've gone from giving 'advice' to helping people leverage their insight and create real change - what a rewarding feeling working with people in this way."

-Sharon, Ontario

"I followed my intuition as what the School stood for resonated deeply with me. What I love most is that the training offers a system where each module gives me more skills to use with people to help them get results more quickly - powerful learning."

-Debbi, London

"I finally have a career that has taken me out of corporate life and given me back my life."

-Doug, Melbourne