Changing Perspective

One of the greatest gifts I receive is feedback from people taking our courses who describe a change in perspective […]

Embracing Your Imperfections

Procrastination and perfectionism are twin shields we often wear to protect ourselves from facing issues we may be burying. On […]

Five Ways to Open Creative Thinking

With over 30% of Australia’s workforce in jobs that rely on inspiration, insight and innovation to remain competitive, knowing how […]

Switch On Your Creative Brain

When I’m asked why creativity is so important to living wholeheartedly, it can be difficult knowing where to begin, as […]

Lighting Your Flame

My son visited last weekend and we played a game of chess together. We haven’t done that since he was […]

Can Play Shape Our Brain?

For many of us, play is a forgotten art best left for children and pets. Somewhere along the way we […]

8 Ways To Build Resilience

Could resilience training help you cope more when stress impacts your life? Positive Psychology research says it helps reduce ‘avoidant’ […]

Resistance Is Futile

During my son’s teenage years, his Borg battle cry: “Resistance is futile” (Star Trek fans will know this line well) […]

Are You Feeling Invisible?

I’m Not Perfect … Thankfully!! Being ‘perfect’ felt like a good thing to aim for – so I told myself. […]

Catalysts for Change

A colleague recently experienced one of those life-changing moments. The sort brought on by a crisis that resulted in him […]

Detoxing the Brain

Have you ever been in a challenging situations where difficult thoughts led to feeling anxious, frustrated, worried about the future […]