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Changing Perspective

One of the greatest gifts I receive is feedback from people taking our courses who describe a change in perspective they’ve achieved because of the reflective activities they’re doing with the School. Recently I received one of these ‘gifts’ that beautifully describes a personal shift wrapped in a thoughtful analogy. Deborah (not her real name), […]

Self-compassion: the path to greater joy

I regularly hear messages about being ‘happy’ and being in a perpetual state of bliss that sometimes I want to shrink from these overly positive mantras littering my personal Facebook page. While they have a feel-good factor, I feel I should be swanning through a garden in a skimpy dress with a flock of balloons […]

Embracing Your Imperfections

Procrastination and perfectionism are twin shields we often wear to protect ourselves from facing issues we may be burying. On a recent online course through the School of Modern Psychology, we had hundreds of people from across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada sharing their heartfelt needs – and the one thing that united […]

Five Ways to Open Creative Thinking

With over 30% of Australia’s workforce in jobs that rely on inspiration, insight and innovation to remain competitive, knowing how to open the brain’s creativity vault is essential. Here are five ways you can expand your creative thinking: 1. Embrace Creative Failure Many people won’t promote their ideas for fear of what others will say […]

Building Relationships That Don’t Implode

If you’ve wondered how to start a relationship, or improve the one you’re in, then you’ve possibly devoured a lot of advice online or in self-help books. While a little ‘pop psychology’ may be fun to explore, science has insights that teach us more about how we form relationships. At a recent symposium sponsored by […]

Switch On Your Creative Brain

When I’m asked why creativity is so important to living wholeheartedly, it can be difficult knowing where to begin, as for me creativity infuses and informs every area of life. Developing your creative brain is not always about becoming an artist or composing music or writing a novel. It can involve these activities; yet enhancing […]

Lighting Your Flame

My son visited last weekend and we played a game of chess together. We haven’t done that since he was 11 – which seems a few lifetimes ago, yet was only ten years back. We were both rusty. I did my usual ‘go-for-the-queen’ routine – and lost mine in the process – without capturing his. […]

Change The Meaning – Change Your Life

During May hundreds of people joined us to PLAY IN MAY and Change The Meaning – Change Your Life celebrate the art of ‘play’ while tapping into more personal joy on a daily basis. Along the way we looked at our ‘play personalities’ and kept a ‘play journal’ to track the progress. It’s been huge […]

Can Play Shape Our Brain?

For many of us, play is a forgotten art best left for children and pets. Somewhere along the way we bought into the guilt that play is a waste of time and that if we’re not being productive by learning a new skill, making money or being ‘busy’ doing whatever it is we do, then […]

Is Joy The Flip Side Of Gratitude?

Who doesn’t want more joy in their life? Yet, who doesn’t fear its loss? Joy is a fragile thing. Its beauty rarely cherished for the gift it is in the everyday moments that flee too quickly. The way a friend tilts her head to think, a memory freshened from a perfume scent, a joke retold […]

8 Ways To Build Resilience

Could resilience training help you cope more when stress impacts your life? Positive Psychology research says it helps reduce ‘avoidant’ behaviours like self-blame, denial and venting; increase planning and problem-solving skills; manage emotional and physical stress responses and improve thinking strategies. If this appeals, build your resilience with these ten tips. Build Relationships Ask for […]

Resistance Is Futile

During my son’s teenage years, his Borg battle cry: “Resistance is futile” (Star Trek fans will know this line well) was often heard whenever a clash of wills arose – as it often did. He was usually right – his relentless will had me seeking peace in another galaxy early on. Fight The Battles Worth […]

Are You Feeling Vulnerable – Maybe That’s A Good Thing

I’m wondering how many reading this article have wanted to improve the way things are done at home, at work or in the way people communicate? Are you biting your tongue? Many believe they could improve the way things are done, yet bite their tongue because their ideas may be shot down in flames, thought […]

Are You Feeling Invisible?

I’m Not Perfect … Thankfully!! Being ‘perfect’ felt like a good thing to aim for – so I told myself. It took a long time to see that ‘perfectionism’ was just another excuse to hide. Hiding is a great game when you know the best spots. Watching what’s happening from an invisible portal – who’s […]

Catalysts for Change

A colleague recently experienced one of those life-changing moments. The sort brought on by a crisis that resulted in him being admitted to intensive care for three days. Thankfully the crisis has passed and his blue eyes have returned to their natural warmth, his skin is pink and showing signs of healthy blood flow and […]

The Art of Managing Emotional Pain With Mindfulness

If you’ve ever experienced pain from an injury or a chronic health condition then you know what it feels like to lose days of activity when the pain flares. The term ‘nagging pain’ is so apt – it’s like a relentless sensation that sits inside – as if it has a rhythm or life force […]

Detoxing the Brain

Have you ever been in a challenging situations where difficult thoughts led to feeling anxious, frustrated, worried about the future or concerned that you’re ‘not good enough’? While these feelings are normal, very few of us enjoy them hanging around, and often do whatever it takes to diminish or remove them. Sometimes it’s as if […]

The Roots of Creativity

Recently someone posted on our School’s Facebook group page that they wanted to build a life they wouldn’t need a vacation from – not a bad wish – it got me thinking: How many of us achieve this? As we live in one of the world’s most beautiful environments, there’s possibly a few among us […]